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Armoured seals

Armoured seals, “Classic”

Armoured seals, “Classic”
  • System solution for heavy fluids and low-speed systems with circumferential speeds below 8 to 10m/s like
    • Eccentric screw pumps and rotary-piston pumps
    • Gear-type and screw-type pumps
    • Submerged pumps and submerged agitators
    • Sewage water pumps (side-channel pumps)
    • Agitators and mixers
    • Screw conveyors and bucket elevators
    • Rotary-vane feeders and bearing seals
    • and many other fields of application.
  • Adaptation to most different installation conditions is possible. The current diameter range is between 10 and 600 mm
  • Cost effective and good function due to the adopted modular construction principle.
  • Large lubricant depot spaces so that protection against dry run and sticking is ensured.
  • Permits easy regeneration.

Armoured seals, “High Speed”

Armoured seals, “High Speed”
  • The basic principle of armoured seals in high-speed systems with circumferential speeds up to 20 m/s is initially employed.
  • With extremely short face-to-face dimensions and with dimensions compatible with DIN EN 21960.
  • Independent of the sense of rotations and with patented dual spring-loading system.
  • Use of high-speed cartridge-type seals permits a totally new plug-on shaft principle with conversion of a single seal (SIMPLEX CD) into a quench seal (KOMPLEX CD) or a dual seal (DUPLEX CD).
  • Variable flange system and high rate of flexibility for different installation situations.

Seals for driving gears

Seals for driving gears
  • The sliding rings of our armoured seals are commonly called even „driving gear seals“).
  • Standard design sizes are selected in adaptation to the sizes that are generally available on the market. KSD’s manufacturing technology can meet all customer specifications even outside the standard design sizes up to some 500 mm of outside diameter.