KSD information

Pump service

Pump service
  • Pump repair in the workshop or on site
  • Pump design
  • Pump optimization
  • Optimization of driving motors

Valve tuning

Valve tuning
  • Repair and refurbishment of valves
  • Conversion so that the requirements of „TA-Luft“ are met
  • Selection and installation of suitable sealing materials
  • Modification work on the valves according to customer’s specification

Tightening of flange bolts and nuts

Tightening of flange bolts and nuts
  • Calculation of torques for tightening and tensioning forces
  • Hydraulic tensioning
  • Tensioning by use of the bolt tensioning system
  • Preparation of tensioning records and documentations

Mobile measuring equipment

Mobile measuring equipment
  • Laser-optical surface evenness measurement for determination of evenness of large sealing areas This measuring method makes it possible that only some 20% of time are required in comparison with conventional measuring methods
  • On-site temperature measurements
  • Vibration measurements