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Seals for butterfly valves

Sealing elements for industrial butterfly valves are seals used in double or triple eccentric butterfly valves. The lamellar design ensures that the sealing face may adapt itself to the mating face as required.

Seals for butterfly valves - Material selection

Material selection

The basic design principle of sealing elements is the combination between metallic layers and layers of soft material. Metallic layers are generally made from stainless steel. Design in nickel-cobalt alloys or copper is possible. The soft materials may be graphite, graphitic aramid or NBR-bound aramid.

Seals for butterfly valves - NC machining

NC machining

Contouring is made in NC machine tools. Consequently, sealing elements are not bound to a turning contour. The required surface quality is achieved in a separate operation.

Seals for butterfly valves - Finish machining

Finish machining

Finish machining is the prerequisite for leak tightness of the valve. A specific procedure is adopted for polishing the surface of sealing zone of sealing elements.