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Spring-loaded sealing systems

The different design of spring-loaded sealing systems for flange joints and shaft passages is the consequence of different settling rates and different forces to be applied.

Spring-loaded sealing systems for shaft passages need only little force so that the full operability cannot be impaired through excessive friction moments between packing and stem. However, relatively large settling rates must be compensated. The use of a spring-loaded design for the stuffing box is a prerequisite for compliance with the requirements of the „TA-Luft“ approval of the KSD sealing system "TA-Luft-Expert".


Spring-loaded sealing systems for flanges

Spring-loaded sealing systems for flanges use high forces but have to compensate only slight settling rates. On the other hand, the sealing area where surface pressure should be normally larger than the stem passage area. In this application case, however, it should be ensured that the high operation force cannot cause damage to the flanges, bolts and seals.

Spring-loaded sealing systems for manholes are used in the high-pressure range. On the one hand, the arrangement of seal on the inner side of cover exposed to the high pressure range generates the required surface pressure, but on the other hand the lower pressure range (shutdown of boiler) generates only a lower surface pressure. Consequently, leaks might occur that should be avoided through preservation of a minimum surface pressure through installation of spring columns.

Spring-loaded sealing systems for manholes

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